How to Find Your Style

Trends may come and go but your style remains forever. So, finding a suitable style is a good investment. Moreover, you don’t need to have lots of money to find and achieve a suitable style. You just need to discover the right balance between the new trends, the old fashions, and your personality.

Read below 11 simple tips to help you find your style and achieve it quite easily:

1. Find Your Body Type

Before you start looking for clothes, you should know your body better to find out what body type you have. It’s essential to know all your bodily strengths and weaknesses. That way, you can find pieces that emphasize or cover these points. The different body shapes include apple, pear, rectangle, inverted triangle, and hourglass.

2. Take a Photo of the Sets that Fit You

If you go out and enjoyed some very positive comments about your outfit, or even if you feel very nice, take a photo to remember the combination you made. Moreover, this practice will help you the next time you go shopping, to make similar choices.

3. Find the Colors that Suit You and Raise Your Psychology

Colors can greatly affect our style, and how we feel. So it’s vital to first find the ones that match your skin tone and then decide which ones make you feel more beautiful about yourself.

Don’t just look at the clothes you buy to follow the new fashion trends, if they’re not your colors just go for the next option.

4. Clean Your Closet

Everyone has those blouses or skirts and pants that they have lurking around and hoping to don someday. These categories of clothes aren’t old, but they’re just there to occupy space and confuse you when you try to decide which combination to make. So if they don’t fit you properly nor excite you anymore when you see them, get them out of your closet.

5. Choose Pieces that Are Right for You

When sourcing for new clothes, or shoes, you can find quite cheap ones, however, don’t buy them just because it’s an opportunity to get affordable ones. Ensure that the clothes hug your body properly and you can walk well in the shoes regardless of the heel’s height. No doubt, high heels can cause muscle soreness, but if you can rock it flawlessly like the models on the runway, then why not?

Simply get the best massage gun in the market, say, hypervolt or theragun, comparing the two top choices of massage devices will help you make the best decision for muscle relaxation after a long walk. So, if you’ve got a Theragun in your care, you can have the next affordable high heel in the fashion store without having to worry about the soreness that sometimes comes with it.

6. Follow Trends If They Suit Your Body

While fashion may encourage us to wear a certain style of clothing to feel trendy, always remember that if it doesn’t suit you, there’s no need to jump on the trend.

7. Don’t Focus Only on Clothes

Clothes are 50 to 60% of your appearance, thus if you want to look stunning and stylish ensure you have all the necessary accessories, starting with the shoes and bags and ending with the jewelry. All of these play a role and you should not put them in the background.

8. Use Statement Accessories

Even if the style you have chosen is quite simple, you can launch it using the appropriate accessories. Choose a few separate statement pieces, which will attract attention and make your ensemble amazing, without having to exaggerate.

9. Find Your Style Icons

It could be your boss, a friend, or even your mom, the people who inspire our style aren’t just celebrities: they can be characters from the movies or literature or even acquaintances. Find your style icon and let them be your inspiration.

10. Define Your Go-To Style

This style will be your daily look and will spare you of the difficult task of composing a perfect outfit every day. It may be a suit, a woolen blazer, cropped pants, and white sneakers. It doesn’t need to be sophisticated, but it’s necessary to be comfortable, easy to wear, and elegant.

11. Hair and Shoes

If your hair and shoes are clean and tidy, you can wear whatever you want. Get in the habit of cleaning your shoes from stains and dirt and also take care of your hair with the right products. Learn a few more suitable hairstyles to complete your look. Moreover, take care of your top and nails in detail, so that you are flawless.

At the end of the day, your style can be natural or relaxed, classic or traditional, artistic or creative, dramatic or edgy, romantic or feminine, alluring or sexy, and modern or chic. Whatever, it is stick to it come rain or shine.

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