7 Fashion Tips to Make You Look Younger Than Your Age

We can all agree that age is just a number, and regardless of what that number is, it has nothing to do with your fashion style. While we all want to grow old and live longer, we’re often intrigued by those fashion styles that promise to make us appear younger than our age.

Even while we grow older, we still want to be trendy. There are crucial steps to take if you’d always like to appear younger despite your age. People don’t dislike getting old; they only hate looking old.

There are several articles and books on what to do to preserve your youthful look. However, most people don’t know that what they wear affects their overall appearance.

Here’s here to dress fashionably to look younger:

1.  Find Your Perfect Jeans

Denim makes one appear and feel younger and fresher. Go for dark blue mid-rise jeans with a push-up rear and slimming tummy panels. Slim-fitting jeans that stretch a bit are your best bet when it comes to having a younger fashionable look.

Apple and athletic body shapes can effortlessly rock skinny or slim fits. While boyfriend jeans are the new cool, baggy pants will make you appear older.

2.  Show Off Your Assets

Wearing baggy clothes makes you look older while dressing in form-fitting clothing has the opposite effect. Your dress and skirt shouldn’t exceed your knee. Don’t forget that wearing a form-fitting pencil skirt is more flattering than a pleated A-line style, which is trendy but will make you appear frumpy.

Trouser hems should reach the ankle or skim the bottom of your shoes if they’re wide-leg fit. Remember that balance is key, so cinch in your waist or show off your shoulders if you’re covering your legs.

3.  Embrace Patterns

Regardless of the pattern, it’d always appear fun and playful. However, you can make a more significant impact when you pick the right ones. Rather than wearing two-toned patterns with zig-zag, geometric patterns, or stripes that will make you appear conservative, go for brighter and colorful curved ones. They’ll make you look younger.

4.  Brighten Your Color Palette

Wearing bright-colored accessories, such as brooches or scarves around your neck area, will brighten your face, making it look younger. Darker shades have the opposite effect on you.

Another natural accessory to brighten your face is your smile. As you age, you need to engage in activities that you love to stay happy. A scientific report shows that people who smile more often look younger, so engage in any activity that might make you smile often. If you love sports, ping pong is one you’ll enjoy doing at home that will leave you with a euphoric feeling to last you all day.

To get the best of the game, don’t consider playing against yourself; you’ll need a partner. You can get one sold by Ping Pong Perfect; they have the best ping pongs tables. However, you can try other games or fun activities. The goal is to be happy, smile, and look younger constantly.

5.  Burn That Old Bra

As you get older, you need to discard some of your undergarments, like your bra. To an extent, a bra affects the fitting of your cloth. Our body changes as we age, so consider getting a bra that fits your body, making you appear and feel younger. And the best part? A right-fitting bra is always more comfortable.

6.  Drop Your Black Clothes

People love the black color because it’s versatile; however, its starkness may make you look older. You can replace your black with grays and browns to make you appear more approachable and younger. Grays and browns will give off a slimming and neutral look on you, without the intensity that ages you, which you’ll get with black.

7.  Try a Slight Crop

As you become older, you might begin to feel too self-conscious in showing your calves and other parts of your body. However, you don’t need to hide your ankles. Elongating the leg with slightly cropped pants is very sexy and flattering. And the best part is, your ankles hardly show age. The shorter hemline also enables you to show off lovely shoes, whether it’s pointed-toe loafers, flats, or boots.

Final Thoughts

While we agree that age is just a number, most people don’t apply this phrase to their fashion style. They tend to become conservative and wear drab-looking clothes as they grow older. Listen up; you don’t have to lose your fashion style because of your age; follow these tips mentioned above to look and feel younger and more confident.

Trust me; you’ll wish you discovered these secrets to looking fresher and younger sooner. To stay updated on fashion tips and guides, visit Fashion Distraction.

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