Ways to wear red lipstick

Red lipstick is a great way to spice up your look and feel confident. There are many different ways you can wear red lipstick, whether it be as a statement or just for fun. From using matte shades to create the perfect bold lip, to pairing your favorite gloss with a subtle pink shade for everyday use, there are always ways to find something that suits you best! Keep reading if you want some tips on how to rock this sexy beauty trend in any situation.

1) Start with a good primer or foundation that will keep your lips from becoming dry and flaky when they come into contact with the moisture-free lipsticks.

2) Apply thin layers of liquid liner before applying the lipstick for greater staying power.

3) For a more matte finish, blot the lip color after application using tissue paper soaked in oil or baby powder. Finally, seal everything off by coating your lips with clear gloss! Now go out there and rock that red lippy look like nobody’s business!

4) Have a light hand when applying – don’t go all out with your first swipe; instead, make sure you build up gradually so that you get the perfect shade of red for your skin tone. 

5) Pair it with neutral colors like black or brown eyeshadow and blush if you want more of a natural look (skip eyeliner).

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