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Fashion Distraction is a blog with a focus on women’s fashion. Founded over half a decade ago, we’re passionate about fashion for women. We provide women with tips and tricks they need to adorn the latest clothing and footwear to look their best every single day. Whether your style is simple and stylish or you prefer a more sophisticated look, you’ll find the right tips to help you dress right. We cover all types of fashion items from clothing or apparel to shoes and makeup. We also cover accessories such as jewelry, watches, handbags and other essential fashion items for women. We also focus our content on beginner, intermediate fashion lovers and avid or experienced fashionable women who keep abreast with the latest happenings in the industry.



Women spend lots of money on fashion items to get a fashionable look. We provide all the fashion tips.



We work on your shaving habits, hair, nails, and makeup to look neat and attractive.



Modern, beautiful and stylish clothes and accessories can make a woman feel good.



Jewelry make perfect fashion accessories because they’re attractive. Choose from silver, diamond and gold finishes depending on your intended look

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